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Sunrise Safari

Sea Kayak Through Pristine Marine Reserves.

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Per Passenger Ages 10+

Sunrise Wildlife Sea Kayak Adventure In New Zealand

Rise and shine for your local and friendly guides recommended trip of the day! Soak up the serenity and calmness the early morning brings.  No noise, no crowds, no boat engines — we often have the whole harbour to ourselves at this time as we are the first operators on the water and start before any of the boat tours begin.

Small group numbers are key as we are visiting fragile, pristine, and relatively undisturbed natural areas. Rest your mind at ease knowing you are exploring this marine reserve in a low-impact and environmentally responsible way. There are special areas that we can only visit during the mornings while conditions are favourable, so if you have the opportunity to join us on this safari, you are in for a treat.

Join us on an unforgettable kayaking safari that is sure to be one of the highlights of your NZ trip.


Paddle with your nature guide along the coastline and enjoy the opportunity for chance wildlife encounters and fantastic bird watching opportunities. Different species ( some endangered) may cross paths with us as we continue along our route, every day is different here in our flooded volcano crater. Sightings may include endangered NZ fur seals, native sea birds, the endangered white flippered penguins and Hector dolphins which are only found in NZ. Your guide will point out places of interest and any activity that they discover and take complimentary photos along the way!

Take in the views of towering sea cliffs, learn about the volcanic rock formations, witness live blow holes, explore caves and remote untouched areas only accessible by boat.

Connect with nature and enjoy the tranquility of sea kayaking. While touring by sea kayak you will experience the massive scale of the landscape that surrounds you!

Feel the power of the bird’s wings as they fly over us, see first hand every living creature in the ocean that appears to check us out, feel the energy of the ancient volcano which has been sleeping for millions of years and is now a sanctuary for wildlife.

Wildlife is common but as we can not control the movements of mother nature, sightings are not guaranteed, but mind blowing views an enjoyable paddle certainly is!

This tour is a must do for any New Zealand travel itinerary – This experience will last in your memory and heart for a life time.