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Cancellation Policy

Akaroa Guided Sea Kayaks understands that travel plans vary due to illness, accident and people simply changing their minds. In turn, we ask our guests to understand that we may have turned away a number of people for those reserved places. We will have incurred expense in processing the enquiry and bookings. We may also have committed expenses for staff, transport or accommodation.

Your Experience cannot be cancelled through the website. You may however contact us at:

cell: +64 211 564 591

Once a date has been set and agreed for your Experience (Trip Agreed and Confirmed) it may not be possible to change or amend your date, unless exceptional circumstances exist. We reserve the right to make a final decision on any changes or amendments requested. All sales are final. If the purchaser cancels for any reason there will be no refund.  If we the operator cancel your tour for any reason you will receive a full refund. If you are arriving via cruise ship and your ship does not come into port you will receive a full refund.


Failure to arrive on the day at your agreed trip time – NO REFUND WILL BE MADE

Cancellation By Akaroa Guided Sea Kayaks

We have learnt to respect the sea and the New Zealand weather and not to take any unnecessary risks. It is our policy to cancel a Guided Guided Kayaking Experience at any time on safety grounds if we consider that the wind and sea conditions are unsafe. This is our decision and guests must accept that it is based on our knowledge of the area, expected weather conditions, Maritime NZ warnings, or any other possible issues that come to our attention.

If the trip is cancelled due to weather conditions you will be notified as soon as possible by email, and by text if you have provided a contact number. In these circumstances you will be able to select an alternative date.

There may also be times when the weather changes during the day and the group is unable to return to Akaroa by kayak, or very occasionally, the Guided Kayaking Experience must be cancelled at some stage during the Experience. No refunds may be offered.

Akaroa Guided Sea Kayaks reserves the right to amend the Guided Kayaking Experience due to circumstances such as weather or sea conditions and kayak availability. Such a change will not allow the guest to cancel a Guided Kayaking Experience without application of the cancellation policy.

Akaroa Guided Sea Kayaks also reserves the right to cancel a guest’s tour in the event that a guest fails to comply with any safety, orientation or guide instruction at any time within the Guided Kayaking Experience. Or if in the sole opinion of the guide the guest is unfit or incapable to complete the entire Guided Kayaking Experience due to medical or other reasons. Please note that you MUST NOT be under the influence of alcohol or drugs when taking part in your Experience. Akaroa Guided Sea Kayaks or its representatives will make this decision based on safety. This decision is final and no refund or re-booking option would be available in these circumstances.

Travel Insurance

We advise all guests to consider arranging appropriate travel insurance that covers Sea Kayaking. Akaroa Guided Sea Kayaks is responsible for all company equipment (e.g. kayaks, paddles etc). Under all circumstances, the guest is solely responsible for their personal equipment and possessions. Akaroa Guided Sea Kayaks accepts no liability for personal possessions or guest equipment under any circumstance

Akaroa Guided Kayak Safari Waiver Terms & Conditions

This is an important document that should be read carefully and understood fully as it will affect your legal rights.

It is a condition of your participation in our Akaroa Sea Kayak Safari (the adventure, experience or any other guided trip offered by us) that you read and accept this document. By paying to partake in the adventure you are deemed to acknowledge and agree as follows:

(a) That participation in the adventure is a test of your physical and mental abilities and carries the potential for death, personal injury and property loss. A copy of our Emergency Procedure Plan is available for your inspection, please request this from your guide now.

(b) That you are physically fit and have no pre-existing medical conditions, and have not been advised against participation in the adventure by any qualified health professional and you are NOT under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of signing this form.

You further personally agree

(a) I ACKNOWLEDGE that there may be hazards encountered during the adventure including (but not limited to) winds, rough water conditions, boats, jet skis, water skiers, other harbour users, floating or other objects. I assume all the risks associated with participating in the adventure.

(b) I CONSENT to the provision to me of first aid, emergency or other medical treatment required as a consequence of participation in the adventure. I acknowledge that no warranty is made as to the results of any medical treatment.

(c) I AGREE that any films, sound, video or other recordings that are taken by me of or during the activity will not be used in any promotion or advertising without the prior consent of the Operator. The Operator may use it’s own photo’s videos or other such material at its complete discretion without any prior approval by me. The Operator may upload and use social media sites to display & deliver such material to me. The Operator owns all copyright of such material. I agree to be invited to review my experience on adventure activity review websites but understand that I don’t have to provide a review if I chose not to.

(d) I WAIVE, RELEASE AND DISCHARGE the owner of the adventure and the provider of any medical assistance from any and all claims, losses or liabilities, for death, personal injury, partial or permanent disability, property damage, medical or hospital bills, my economic loss, which may exist or arise in the future arise out of or relate to my participation in the adventure, or arising out of the risks I have assumed in participating in the adventure as set out above.

(e) I AGREE not to sue or claim against the owners of the adventure for any of the claims, losses or liabilities that I have waived, released or discharged in this document.

(f) By reading this document, I bind myself, my executors, administrators, heirs, next of kin, successors and assigns and any other person who may claim or sue on my behalf.

(g) In reading this waiver I hereby submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts in New Zealand and I acknowledge that only the courts of New Zealand shall have jurisdiction to entertain any proceedings whatsoever brought by me on account of my participation of the adventure.

I CONFIRM THAT in agreeing this waiver I have agreed to partake in the adventure on the basis of the conditions of this waiver, and of my own free will.

By reading and agreeing to our Terms and Conditions before your trip via our emailed pre trip documentation you are also agreeing to abide by our above waiver and you understand the risks involved in our Safaris.

Like any outdoor environment Akaroa Harbour requires respect in many ways. Respect for its natural environment; respect for its ability to give you blue skies along with wind and rain; respect in the ocean’s ability to be calm and serene or stormy and dangerous. If you come adequately prepared, you will have a fantastic experience in our amazing place. Have a read through the following information, pack your bags and get ready for a wonderful Guided Kayaking Experience.