Preparing For Your Kayaking Safari.

At Akaroa Guided Kayak Safaris we fiercely promote conservation of all the planet’s beautiful waterways and oceans.

Our Akaroa Harbour nature cruises and safaris require respect in many ways. Respect for its natural environment; respect for its ability to give you blue skies and blue water, along with wind and rain; respect in the oceans ability to be calm and serene or stormy and turbulent. We ask you to join us and take only photos and leave only footprints. There are recycling bins in the township, please use them and keep our beautiful area clean. Also we would love it if you could bring a reusable water bottle that is not plastic! With an open mind and adventurous spirit you will have a fantastic experience in our amazing location. Have a read through the following information, pack your bags and get ready for a wonderful safari with us.

Safety Training

At the start of every Akaroa guided sea kayaking trip we give you a thorough introduction to sea kayaking and how to make the best of your trip with us. Its called a safety briefing and it takes about 20 minutes. It includes setting up your kayaks so that you have maximum comfort when paddling, teaching you the correct techniques for paddling, route and weather information and of course what to do in the case of an emergency or capzise. This safety session is really important to ensure your safety and enjoyment throughout the trip so please ensure you arrive on time and are giving our guides your full attention. If you miss the safety briefing our guides can not take you on the tour. If you are running late you can call us and let us know and we will assist you in any way we can.

What should you bring?

When packing for your Akaroa cruise ship shore excursion, Sunrise Safari or Crater Cruiser remember that you are going into the outdoors. We travel lightly in the kayaks, please only bring with you what you need. We can provide safe storage for you while you are on the water for any excess luggage.

Clothes and Personal Items

Clothing:  Shorts, Hat, and Light Raincoat,Long Sleeved Shirt, Close toed Sandals/Shoes (no Jandals or Flip Flops), Your shoes will most likely not get wet as we bring them in the kayaks with us for safety.
Sun Protection: Sunscreen is essential, we recommend reef safe sunscreen to protect our oceans such as Aloe-up or Oasis Nz brands. You want to use a product that does not contain oxybenzone! Sunscreens that are reef safe will usually have this written on the label. We have a very high UV rating in New Zealand -the highest in the world, please bring Sunglasses and Sun Hat to avoid nasty sunburn.
Other: Personal medication, Reusable Water bottle, Water proof camera or waterproof case for your phone –  Trip photographs will be taken throughout the day with our specialised equipment and sent to you free of charge after the trip.

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