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Choose From Two Fantastic Options!

Here at Akaroa Guided Kayak & Ebike Safaris we have teamed up with  Matt from MV Corporate Health to offer the best corporate retreat options possible.

Matt is the corporate health coach that CEOs turn to when they want to improve leadership, reduce stress and create a more positive and productive work culture.As a prominent fitness expert and leader in his field, adidas appointed him as a brand ambassador.On January 3rd, 2014 he became a father and an extremely proud one at that. As the founder and CEO of MV Corporate Health, Matt is on a mission to revolutionize the corporate health sector so that busy professionals can thrive.

1) Health, fitness and adventure 

Time to get your health back on track with some fun, just an hour out of Christchurch.
Take in Akaroa’s scenery all at the same time as learning about your health and how you can take it to the next level with better knowledge and awareness on what to do to cut the kilos and get back on track.
• 2 Nights
• Akaroa Accomodation
• Health and fitness focus with some adventure around the bays
• Nutrition up skill and diet plan
• Exercise awareness for what works best for you
• Stress management tools to support performance and productivity at work and home.
• Body composition health check
• Choice of Kayaking, E-Bike Tour
• Meals catered for
• Golf for leisure time

2) Team Building

Get out of the office and over the hill to create a better work culture.
• One day event
• Choice of Kayaking & E-Biking
• Personalised diet plan for each participant
• Nutrition up skill
• Stress management up skill
• Lunch and snacks included
Please contact us for more details