Environmentally Sensitive Sea Kayaking Safaris.

At Akaroa Guided Kayak Safaris, we are ready to bring out your adventurous spirit, only 80 minutes from Christchurch, based in the stunning sea side town of Akaroa, we offer a unique kiwi experience which is a ‘Must Do’ for visitors to the area. We provide guided New Zealand sea kayaking tours that are Serene, Special, Spectacular and Safe! These are the most environmentally sensitive tours in the harbour. Small group numbers are key as we are visiting fragile, pristine, and relatively undisturbed natural areas, enjoy exploring this marine reserve in a low-impact and environmentally responsible way. Close encounters. No noise, No engines, No crowds, No pollution. So come and join us! Explore, Experience and Enjoy!

Grab your sunscreen and get ready for your Akaroa Harbour nature cruise in your sea kayak. Our local experienced guides are matched with small groups to ensure a personal and safe experience. Soak in the scenery, explore stunning bays and inlets, paddle in our extinct, sea flooded volcanic crater, be amazed by the fascinating geology and hear about some of the rarest and most endangered sea creatures on the planet, right here in our back yard.

Why Go with a guide? You would be crazy not to! With over 17 square miles of stunning waters to paddle in we take your safety and comfort seriously, in fact it is our number one priority! We pride our selves in maintaining the highest of safety standards and have been awarded safety Certification from “Outdoor Mark” which is a very strict annual safety audit for all New Zealand Adventure Operators. New Zealand has very changeable and extreme weather conditions. It is not advisable to kayak with out a qualified guide. Your friendly guides know all the weather warning signs, secret spots, and best times to see wild life ensuring you will get the most out of your NZ sea kayaking experience in a relaxed, safe and enjoyable way. We welcome all participants from age 10-100 that have a basic level of fitness and can get in and out of the kayak unassisted. Don’t miss out.. booking ahead is essential during peak season.

 We invite you to come sea kayaking in our pristine neon blue waters, take in our breathtaking volcanic vistas, and soak up our French village by the sea. Akaroa is a hidden gem, only 80 minutes from Christchurch, is easy to get to and a must see during your time in New Zealand. You will find us nestled into dramatic valleys which were carved out millions of years ago by volcanoes along the spectacular Banks Peninsula in the South Island of NZ.

There is no other place quite like it and you will carry memories of your visit for years to come.

Your trip includes a relaxing and inspiring paddle around our bays and inlets, often crossing paths with wild life, checking out caves, taking in the breath taking views and stopping for a break at a remote beach where you can relax or swim, enjoy refreshments and stretch your legs!

We make it easy for you to experience this amazing sea kayaking adventure as no experience is needed, beginners are welcome. If you are visiting by ship, our Akaroa cruise ship tours are great family fun! Jump on our Crater Cruiser Safari! You will soon feel like you are paddling in a postcard!

OM-logo-new-FINAL-aitripadvisorAkaroa has an amazing French history, a little slice of Europe right here on Banks Peninsula. Get familiar with sea kayaking, feel how comfortable, stable and easy they are to use. Explore, experience and Escape with us as we get you up close and personal to the wild beauty this crater holds, it really is an eco paradise. Akaroa is made of up two marine reserves and two land reserves. Wild life uses the harbour as a sanctuary and often bring their young to the sheltered waters. With a maximum of 14 guests on each Safari you’re guaranteed the best of care from our local experienced guides with freedom to explore & enjoy while your guide takes photos and shares stories and secrets of the area .

Your experienced,  friendly and knowledgeable local guides will help you throughout your safari and will be able to answer any questions you may have. Please have realistic expectations when embarking on this safari with us. Whist wildlife is very common, nothing is guaranteed because wildlife is wild! These creatures are not in anyway trained to respond to humans and may or may not choose to come and check us out on the day. You will be joining us for an amazing kayak experience with varieties of wildlife possibly crossing our path as a bonus. This is not a trip to Sea World ,wildlife sightings are a blessing not a right..we pride ourselves on being an environmentally sensitive business we aim to have the least amount of impact on the ocean & wildlife possible and preserve their natural habitat. The area you can explore will vary on your paddling experience and the conditions of the day.


Crater Cruiser Safari – 11:30 am – 2:30 pm

Crater Cruiser Safari

Sunrise Wildlife Safari – 7:30 am – 10:30 am

Sunrise Wildlife Safari