We travel in double kayaks which are far better suited to our sea conditions, they offer safe, strong and very stable experiences for our guests. If you are travelling alone and have extensive paddling experience we can offer you a single kayak.We will organise another group member to travel in a double kayak with you if you are travelling solo, it’s a great way to get to know someone!

There sure are – New Zealand has a long coastline and spectacular scenery abounds in both the North and South Island. Check these options out;

Bay of Islands Sea Kayaking Tours

Kayaking gives you the best view of the scenery and ocean below us. We are so close to the surface, yet high enough that we can see down into the water and experience real up close encounters with wildlife. We can drift under trees and look up to the native bird nests, or peacefully catch a glimpse of marine life in their natural habitat if they cross paths with us. The visibility for diving and snorkelling is not so good in Akaroa due to the volcanic nature of the area, there fore it is not an advantage to try to view wildlife from underneath the surface. We do not have the roar of boat engines or the hustle and bustle of tourists wielding cameras, and tour guides on loud speakers. There is no need to wear a wetsuit and we can view all wildlife from the supreme tranquility of our kayaks with out getting wet. We also have the ability to move where ever we want at which ever speed we choose. It is very important to us to travel in an environmentally sensitive manor as their are so many special inhabitants living in our marine reserve.

As we all know, you can not control nature. What we see during our Kayak Safaris really varies depending on many factors, time of day, conditions etc. Every day is different and as we all know it is in Mother Natures hands! We are fortunate and get to see everything that feels like coming to cross paths with us, from Cormorants Diving, Gannets feeding, Fur Seals being curious, White Flippered Penguins, and the smallest, rarest, sea dolphin in the world, Hector Dolphins. If you have a sighting of these marine creatures it is a special experience but we do not guaranty this on any of our trips as we are witnessing wildlife in their natural habitat. This is not a ‘Sea World’ Experience where creatures are trained to respond to humans.

Being in Kayaks we can not travel so fast, so it gives us a great opportunity to be in tune with our surroundings. Whatever happens on the trip we will have fun in this spectacular environment and let nature unfold it’s magic, while getting to hear about the extinct Volcano we are paddling in!

Please meet your guide for the Sunrise Safari 30 minutes before the Start time outside ‘By the Green Cafe’

If you are joining our 11:30am Scenic Cruiser Safari please meet us 10 minutes before the start time.

Yes, this is a great activity that all families can enjoy together. If you are bringing young children on the safari please keep in mind that you will not be able to participate in the full length trip as children do not have the stamina to paddle for this length of time. You will be guided on a child friendly route which will include staying in the sheltered water areas and you will have the same opportunities to see wildlife as the longer route. The children must be able to assist their parents with some paddling. The minimum age is 10 years old and each child needs to be paired with an adult family member.

You will get your ankles and feet wet as your climb into your kayak but apart from this our spray skirts will keep you warm and dry.

If you have an existing booking, Please refer to the terms and conditions you have been sent as part of your pre-trip information.

All deposits are non refundable.

A booking online or via telephone is considered firm and we will take full payment from your credit card if you do not turn up on the day.  You must give at least 24 hours notice if you intend to cancel otherwise your credit card will be charged the full amount.

Once the safety briefing has commenced the Safari has started and anyone that may not want to continue after this point or who is deemed incompetent to complete the safari will not receive any refund.

Please refer to the pre-trip information you will receive to view all terms and conditions

Our safaris are designed for anyone wanting to experience the fun of paddling as long as you have a reasonable level of fitness and can get yourself in and out of your kayak easily, unassisted. Back injuries may prevent some people from travelling comfortably. You will find our kayaks are designed to be easy, relaxing, and stable.

If you are of an older generation you are more than welcome to attend our trips, our oldest client so far has been 79 and was amazing! Please keep in mind you will be paddling for 1.5 – 2 hours and must travel at relatively the same speed as the group. We travel at a social pace so that we can take in the scenery but at times may be travelling into the wind which requires a little more power. In the unlikely event of a capsize you must have enough strength to pull your self back into the kayak assisted by the guide. Any questions contact us directly.

Not usually – capsizes are fairly rare as our double kayaks are seriously stable. But if you do capsize your guide will be close by to help you back into your kayak quickly. You will also receive a full safety briefing prior to your trip commencing.

Our Sunrise Wildlife Adventure Safari is our recommended trip of the day. All of our trips seek to maximise quality paddling conditions on the water. Most fine, sunny days during summer months results in a daytime breeze developing mid to late morning which can make conditions a little more difficult. Our early starts make the most of the calmer water conditions for excellent photo opportunities and chances for wildlife to cross our path if they feel like it, as this is the time of day wildlife is most active! Long Daylight hours allow us to operate all of our sunrise safaris which allow us to dodge the noise of tour boats, recreational water users, jetskis etc!

Hands down there’s no comparison! Our sea kayaks can go places the cruise boats can only dream of! This allows you to get up close and personal with our world famous marine reserve minus the noise of the boat and crowds. More peace and tranquility – just the splash of our paddles. More photo opportunities often mirror like reflections and the chance to stop for photos when ever you like. Our kayaks do not disturb or startle any wildlife that crosses our paths as we travel slowly and respectfully.

We gear you up with all the specialist paddling gear you will need including buoyancy aid, spray skirt, paddle, and a dry stow area bag for any essentials. You will be using a quality sea kayak with foot operated rudders help make exploring Akaroa Harbour a pretty amazing experience. You will only be allowed to bring water proof camera’s as they can easily get wet. Trip photos can be purchased for $10pp.

What do I need to bring?

  • Sunscreen
  • Shorts
  • Closed Shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Warm clothing
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Water bottle

Your safety and well-being are our number one priority. Strong winds and large swell can cause us to cancel sea kayaking trips from time to time but this is quite rare. We are completely mobile and lucky to have many different locations to operate in depending on the wind direction. Rain on the other hand is “sweet as” and all trips will proceed as normal! If the weather is looking unsuitable for your trip we will SMS or text you before hand, and failing this we will meet you at the allocated time to postpone or reschedule.

No- The weather patterns in New Zealand can be extreme, wind and weather can change quickly and is not safe for anyone who is not familiar with the area to take to the ocean with out a guide. Safety is our priority, our guides are extremely knowledgeable about the local conditions, exit points and best locations to take you to maximise your time on the water. They know how to look for weather warning signs and wildlife patterns. A guided safari is by far the best and safest option for anyone wanting to explore the harbour.

Our groups are always small, usually 2-6 paddlers. 12 paddlers is our maximum with two local guides. So it’s a good idea to book early and avoid missing out.

If you’re keen to escape the crowds and really get a chance to have close encounters with nature under the careful watch of a local guide then YES! We welcome first time paddlers and pros alike!